The Many FACES of Ian “Mac” McLagan

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…so, he’s only really got one face, but he has 10 fingers and a great deal of musical history wrapped up in them.

Legendary British Rock Keyboardist Ian McLagan began playing in bands in the 60’s and was asked to join Small Faces in 1965, playing his debut gig with them at Lyceum Theater. In 1969, When Steve Marriott left the band, Ronnie Wood and Rod Stewart stepped in and the bands name was shortened simply to FACES.

Ronnie Lane, Kenny Jones, Steve Marriott, Ian McLagan

Rod Stewart, Ian McLagan, Ron Wood, Kenny Jones, Ronnie Lane.

When Faces disbanded in 1975, Ron Wood became a full time member of The Rolling Stones and  Jones joined The Who after the death of Kieth Moon. McLagan moved to the U.S. and toured as a Rolling Stones sideman in addition to forming Ian McLagan and the Bump Band. McLagan continues playing with The Bump Band and recently released the 10-track album United States on Yep-Roc Records, his first studio album since the 2008  Never Say Never , which he created after loosing his wife Kim Kerrigan (Moons estranged ex-girlfriend) in a car accident in 2006-after 33 years of marriage (the track ‘Love Letters’ off of United States is a tribute to her…“I have all the love letters I sent her on the road that I had completely forgotten about — just postcards from different places around the world. She kept them all”).

McLagan has also worked with the likes of Chuck Berry, Joe Cocker, Jackson Browne, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Melissa Etheridge, John Mayer, Bonnie Raitt, Paul Westerberg, Izzy Stradlin, Frank Black, Nikki Sudden and Tony Scalzo as a session musician, has been a member of Billy Bragg’s Band since 1997 and joined The Black Crowes on stage for an encore set in 2010 in Austin, Texas.

Faces performed in 2009 with the surviving members (minus Stewart) for the Performing Rights Society’s Music Members’ Benevolent Fund at the Royal Albert Hall in London with Mick Hucknall replacing Stewart and Bill Wyman filling in on Bass for the late Ronnie Lane (whose widow was one of many to receive assistance from the charity) and in 2010/2011, the band played several festival dates with Glen Matlock of The Sex Pistols on bass.

McLagan is a rock legend, having been at it for a half a century, there is no doubt that his induction into the rock and roll hall of fame in 2012 was hard earned.

Lucky for us-though McLagan is seemingly firmly rooted in Texas- he still makes his rounds and has a soft spot for The Mint and from the looks of last nights audience it seems that  that rock and roll fans, young and old alike, still have a soft spot for him as well. With a few Bump members by his side (namely Jon Notarthomas on bass and “Scrappy” Jud Newcomb on guitar) Mclagan charmed the whole house within moments of stepping on the stage and continued to keep everyone enamored for nearly an hour and half with several tracks off of United States including ‘He’s not for you’, ‘I’m your Baby Now’ and ‘Love Letters’ as well as a few tracks off older albums such as Rise and Shines ‘Been a Long Time’. He also threw in the Small Faces track ‘Get Yourself Together’ and  Faces track ‘Cindy Incidentally’ and closed with smoking hot cover of Little Walters ‘Temperature’.

One of the best parts of seeing McLagan live was seeing how genuinely pure his love for music and talent still is-in spite of all the heartache of his years, McLagan has a vivacious energy not only on the keys and in his vocals but in his interactions with the audience that I feel is a rare gift found in the heart of a true musician. Seeing acts such as him here at The Mint is an honor and a privilege never to be forgotten.


Ian McLagan


Ian McLagan with myself and friends Jeff Turpin & Patrick Salway.


Ian McLagan chatting with Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Thank you to Ian McLagan for such an incredibly memorable performance and also to Imaginary Friends for kicking off the evening and of course,  thank you to everyone who came out to witness it and for helping keep Rock and Roll alive! 

*Sorry that the quality of photos/video is not the best-Smart Phones are not as smart as they lead us to believe!

Camille Ashley’s Weekly Picks: Nerd Nite Tonight / Ian McLagan (Faces) / Town In The City / VOLTO! / Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip) / Fillmore Celebration July 4th!

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weekly picks
Monday, June 23: Nerd Nite!
Join us for another round of Nerd Nite featuring Joan Horvath on ‘Consumer 3D Printers: Bringing Manufacturing Jobs Home, Literally?’, Matt Abrahamson on ‘the Opal space Laser: Why a Laser is Strapped to the Space Station and Shooting It’s Beams Towards Los Angeles.’ and Susan Parson on ‘Purging Misconcceptions about the Postmortem Exams.’Tickets $10 At The Door/ 7:30PM/ 21+

Wednesday, June 25: Ian McLagan/ Imaginary Friends
Legendary British Pianist Ian McLagan is best known for his time spent in Englsih rock Bands Small Faces/Faces with Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood but has also collaboraed with the likes of The Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry and Bob Dylan. McLagan will be joined by Imaginary Friends featuring singer/songwriter Stacy Robin.Tickets $10-12/ 7:15PM/ 21+

Thursday, June 26: Town In The City
Studio city Folk Rockers Town In the City take the stage along with Marley MunroeAlec BenjaminSon Ark, The Dank and Kawasi.Tickets $10-12/ 7:45PM/ 21+

Saturday, June 28: VOLTO! (Late Show)
Volto! is a 4-piece Blues/Rock/Jazz Fusion Jam band featuring Danny Carey from Tool and Matt Rohde of Jane’s Addiction.Tickets $20/ 11:15PM/ 21+
Wednesday July 2/Thursday, July 3: 
Adopt The Arts and The Mint Presents The Fillmore Summer Celebration-celebrating the music of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and The Allman Brothers.Tickets $15-25/ 9PM/ 21+

Sunday, July 13: Alexis Taylor 
Downtown Lobby Presents Alexis Taylor of British Electronic Band Hot Chip.Tickets $10-12/ 10PM/ 21+
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Doors Open @ 7pm, Show starts @ 8pm (First come, first serve)!


‘That Judith Owen’s new album Ebb and Flow evokes the spirit of the halcyon days of the great 1970s troubadours is not accidental. In a set of potent songs about love and loss, pain and joy, dreams and despair, the Welsh singer-songwriter fearlessly explores the duality of the human condition – and to do justice to the songs she turned to the legendary musicians who created the seventies troubadour sound. Between them, her core band of drummer Russ Kunkel, bassist Leland Sklar and guitarist Waddy Wachtel played on many of the landmark albums from the era by the likes of Carole King, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell and Jackson Browne. The three musicians who “created the sound of the 1970s” (Rolling Stone) were always the band Owen wanted to work with. “I fell in love with them; that soothing sound and the consummate side-men who helped create it,” says Owen. David Crosby described them simply as “the best.” With Ebb and Flow, they recorded together for the first time in fifteen years. “The kind of music I write is so influenced by that sound and period that I wanted to go direct to the source,” Owen explains. “When I write songs, I’m hearing a sound in my head – and they knew the sound because they invented it.” The songs on Ebb and Flow touch on the deepest emotions of Owen’s own storied life with an unswerving honesty. But although her songs are highly personal, the emotions are universal. “Singing about the human condition, living under the shadow of loss and frustration and sadness and loneliness and not being gratuitously sentimental about it, instead making something beautiful out of it – that’s the songwriter’s job,” Owen says. What she describes as the “bookends” of the album are two particularly heart-rending songs, “You’re Not Here Any More”, about her mother (whose suicide when she was 15, was the catalyst for her foray into serious song-writing and “I Would Give Anything”, about the recent loss of the greatest musical influence, her Opera singer father. Both songs are poignant expressions of the bittersweet duality that is perhaps the album’s strongest theme and which is reflected in the title Ebb and Flow. “Yes, they’re incredibly sad,” admits Owen. “But they’re also cathartic because they’re the most loving songs I could write and are totally honest about the reality of loss.” The theme of how to make it through the darkest night informs several other compositions on the album, including “Under Your Door”, “You Are Not My Friend” and “Train Out Of Hollywood”, songs about emotional vulnerability, but always shot through with glimpses of hope and salvation. But although Ebb and Flow is a highly personal, solo singer-songwriter album, in a real sense it’s a ‘band’ record, too. “One of the great things is that Judith makes space for what we add,” Kunkel notes. “She turned it into a real ensemble thing,” Wachtel adds. There is a seductive wit and playfulness alongside the introspection, too. A trademark of Owen’s career has been her irreverent ability to subvert well-known songs with unexpected and improbable covers. Over the years she has turned-inside-out songs by the likes of Deep Purple and The Police to render them almost unrecognizable from the originals. Here it’s Mungo Jerry’s 1970 smash hit “In The Summertime” that gets the unique Owen makeover treatment, rendered as it might have sounded if the song had appeared on Joni Mitchell’s Ladies of The Canyon. “Great songs are like great bones. You can hang whatever you want on them,” she says. ” “In The Summertime” is a ridiculously silly song, and so I asked ‘What Would Joni Do?’ It’s warm, with a glint in the eye and a sense of fun.” The result is the most confident and assured album of Owen’s career to date. After emigrating to America in 1993, Ebb and Flow is Judith Owen’s eighth album since her 1996 debut Emotions On A Postcard.. Married to the actor and humorist Harry Shearer, in addition to her acclaimed solo work she has for many years been Richard Thompson’s female foil of choice. Both have appeared on each other’s albums and Owen played a leading collaborative part in Thompson’s projects 1000 Years Of Popular Music and Cabaret of Souls.. She also co-created “Losing It” with Ruby Wax, a funny yet devastatingly honest two-woman show chronicling descent into mental illness that was a box-office hit in London’s West End in 2011. But it is her role as an unflinching singer-songwriter baring her soul that remains at the core of Owen’s creativity. Ebb and Flow, she says, feels like a homecoming. “It’s the sound I heard as a kid and which made me light up. I’ve brought it home and it feels nice to be here.”

Mint Weekly: Louis Prima Jr / Brothers Comatose / Natty Vibes & Nilu

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Tuesday, 6/3: KBH Entertainment Presents:
Acooustic Hip-Hop artist Gyasi Rossi with powerfully beautiful singer/songwriter Isabella Rose and emerging pop artist Amy Hef.
Tickets $20/ 8:45PM/ All Ages

Wednesday, 6/4: Whitney Meyer
Neo-Funk Pop Collective That Fire with 2012 competitor on NBC’s “The Voice” Whitney Meyer, Greasy-Groovy Mid-fi rock & Roll Quintet The Elemenohs, Funk Masterpiece Trulio Disgracias and The DHS.
Tickets $6-8/ 8:15PM/ 21+

Thursday, 6/5: Natty Vibes
Reggae Pop-Rock from O’ahu, Hawaii Natty Vibes with So-Cal Reggae group Zephyris and Roots collaboration Bodhi Rock.
Tickets $10-12/ 8PM/ 21+

Friday, 6/6: Louis Prima Jr. & The Witnesses
Louis Prima Jr. & The Witnesses are bringing Prima Swing into the 21st Century with Blues/Soul/Folk Rockers the Great Escape and Mashup Pioneers iPunx w/ support from Hunnypot Radio & featuring DJ Set by HotTub Johnnie.
Tickets $16-20/ 7PM/ 21+

Saturday, 6/7: The Brothers Comatose
Americana/Folk Quintet The Brothers Comatose with Los Angeles Brother-Sister New-Wop Duo The Fontaines, Full-Time San Francisco Folkies Quiles & Cloud and Los Angeles Americana Veterans Patrolled By Radar.
Tickets $12-15/ 8:15PM/ 21+

Sunday, 6/8: Nilu
Persian Rock Singer/Songwriter and Multi Instrumentalist Nilu covering Pop, Soul and classical soundscapes, Nilu was named Best New Artist of 2013 by OC Weekly.
Tickets $12-15/ 8PM/ 21+

WIN TICKETS to see NILU by posting your favorite artist recently mentioned in OC or LA Weekly and using #TheMintLA (winner will be chosen at random).

Coming Next Week: Hillstomp(6/10), Current Swell(6/11) Spafford(6/12).


Nerd Nite!

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MAY 20 Presenters:

Tickets $10/ 7:30PM/ 21+

Come out, have a few drinks and educate your mind while you take in presentations from some of LA’s finest minds while they speak on topics ranging from math in sports to computer intelligence and even Dinosaurs! 

Mathletics: The rise of statisticians into the starting lineup in pro sports
by Craig Tabita 

Advanced statistical analysis has revolutionized the sport of baseball and elevated nerds to unprecedented status in the world of athletics — and now this transformation is happening in virtually every other sport as well. We’ll discuss how new analysis in sports from ice hockey to basketball to soccer is changing the way the game is played thanks to the power of math, and what all this means for us, the fans. Bio: Craig Tabita is a software engineer in Santa Monica who also spends an abnormal amount of time following, playing, and analyzing the sport of hockey. He has degrees in economics and chemistry from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Deep Learning: The Parsimonious Problem Parsing Paradigm
by David Relyea 

Neural networks have been around for decades, but until recently, their results had been difficult to understand and limited by computational power and design choices. Modern “deep learning” and sparsity techniques have paved the way for computers to break down and understand problems in entirely new ways which add both performance and interpretability. We demonstrate these techniques on both imagery and language models and explain how these networks are paving the way for a vastly improved understanding of the world by computers. Bio: In 1997, a highly decorated high school musician applied to the wrong school and ended up in a physics PhD program. He promptly graduated and moved into the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, he survives as a scientist of fortune. If you need an analyst – if no one else can help – and if you can find him – maybe you can hire: David Relyea. (BS Caltech, PhD Princeton, current employed at Arete Associates)

“That’s not a @&$#ing dinosaur!” : Misconceptions about Paleontology
by Trevor Valle Ross Gellar. 

Jurassic Park. Dinobots. Barney. Pop culture has this on again/off again love affair with the reality of paleontology, but refuses to take it out to dinner and really listen. Let’s get them talking (and drinking)! Bio: Trevor Valle has looked for old, dead things in some really screwed up places… from artichoke fields in northern California, to the permafrost and tundra of north-eastern Siberia. Formerly the Assistant Lab Supervisor of the Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pits, he can now be found making sure construction crews don’t accidentally dig up mammoths, or occasionally on TV talking about dead stuff.

Camille Ashley’s Weekly Picks: Chuck Mead & His Grassy Knolls Boys / Avery*Sunshine / Nerd Nite LA / Doe Eye / Free HunnyPot Radio Tonight!

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weekly picks

Monday, 5/19: Hunnypot Radio
If you like a great deal, come out and support Hunnypot Radio Live! tonight (In the backroom) featuring Stephen Pine, Eliza Rickman, Palaye Royale, Hallelujah the Hills & DUCKWRTH-5 bands for FREE!
Free/ 7PM/ 18+

Tuesday, 5/20: Nerd Nite!
If you think you’re learning by watching The Big Bang Theory, stop by Nerd Nite for some real brain excersize with Craig Tabita on Mathletics: The rise of statisticians into the starting lineup in pro sports, David Relyea on Deep Learning: The Parsimonious Problems Parsing Paradigm and Trevor Valle ross Gellar with “That’s not a @&$#ing dinosaur!” Misconceptions about Paleontology.
Tickets $10/ 7:30PM/ 21+

Wednesday, 5/21: #RunwithBarbi: BarbiAppelquist fundraiser (Early Event)
Barbi Appelquist is a candidate for Senate District 26 with extensive experience in legal analysis, business development and community organizing and serves as the President of the Women in Public Policy Group at Pepperdine University. This event features the sweet melodies of Jennifer Appelquist and Haroula Rose, whose song’s have been featured on CBS’s “How I Met Your Mother”, FX’s “American Horror Story”, the Showtime premier of “Marry Me” and the season finale of MTV’s”Awkward”.
Click Here For Ticket Info./ 6PM-9PM

Friday, 5/23: Avery*Sunshine
Let Avery*Sunshine make you feel good and awtch her shine as she serenades you with the sweet-yet-powerful soul sounds conjured from her gospel-bred pipes along with the neo-soul Jazz-Hop of Lyric Jones.
Tickets $15-18/ 8:30PM/ 21+

5/24: Chuck Meade & His Grassy Knoll Boys
Cofounder of Nashvilles Grammy winning  90’s Alt. Country Quintet BR549-Chuck Meade has been on the Country/Rock(abilly) circuit for some time and carved out a name for himself. With the release of Chuck Meade & his Grassy Knoll Boys 2014 album Free State Serenade on Nashville’s Plowboy Records-which features the likes of Critter Fuqua (Old Crowe Medicine Show), Alan Murphey and Mark Andrew Miller, Meade & his boys are sure to give you something to holler about along with Jessie Daniel Edwards & The Broken Heart of Dixie.
Tickets $12-15/ 11PM/ 21+

Tuesday, 5/27: Doe Eye
Doe Eye is a multi-instrumentalist singer who  recorded her most recent album
T E L E V I S I O N at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco with Producer John Vanderslice (Spoon, Nada Surf,  The Mountain Goats). Joining Doe Eye will be Color youSmoke Season and Galvarino.
Tickets $8-10/ 8PM/ 21+

Keep your eyes peeled for more upcoming shows including The Soul Rebels (5/30)Dead Winter Carpenters (6/1)Louis Prima Jr (6/6) & more! 

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Camille Ashley’s Weekly Picks: The Revivalists + The Stone Foxes / FREE Cerny Bros Show Tonight / Magic Beans + Groove Session Friday / VOLTO! Ticket Giveaway!

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weekly picks

Thursday, 5/15:
The Revivalists
 from New Orleans will hit the stage Thursday, 5/15-with a high energy Rock & Roll sound mixed with steel pedal guitar and horns and joined by San Francisco Blues-Rockers The Stone Foxes and LA’s Psych-Rock project Modern Pantheist. 
Tickets $12-15/ 8PM/ 21+

Tuesday, 5/13:
Tonight is the last night of The Cerny Brothers Residency with us and it’s FREE! Plus John Gallgher Jr. and Amigo The Devil will be joining The Cerny  Brothers in celebration of their month-long residency with us thanks to The Bluegrass Situation
FREE/ 8PM/ 21+

Wednesday, 5/14
KBH Entertainment presents The Last Great Century Band, a 5-piece ensemble of fellas from across the U.S. and Canada that banded together to play the 70’s style American music that Rocked them. Pop/R&B-Country Singer K.P. Fitz , Lo-Fi Country/Funk-Rockers Red, Red Woods and Country Singer/Songwriter Keesha Scott-Hogan will also be stepping up to the stage to shine! 
Tickets $10-20 (Cash Sales At The door)/ 8PM/ All Ages

Friday, 5/16:
Space-Funk/ Groove Grass/ Ameritronica 5-piece from Colorado The Magic Beans  will take over the stage Friday night with Power Rock Trio Groove Session, R&B Rockers from Santa Barbara The Fire Department  and Classical Jazz Primal Groovers The Cosmopolites .
Tickets $12-15/ 8PM/ 21+

Saturday, 5/17:
4-Piece Rock/Blues/Jazz-Jam Fusion Band VOLTO! featuring TOOL Drummer Danny Carey are back and ready to rock the house with Arizona Desert Rockers With Our Arms To The Sun and St. Cello’s Fire. TICKET GIVEAWAY: Post your favorite hard-rocking song on our Facebook page and #MintRocks to win a free pair of tickets to see VOLTO! Saturyday night!
(Winner will be selected at random)

Tickets $20/ 8PM/ 21+

Also don’t forget to mark your calendars for more upcoming shows, such as The Soul Rebels (5/30), Louis Prima Jr. (6/6) and Ian McLagan (6/25)

Camille Ashley’s Weekly Picks: The Bad Plus (2 nights)/ The Cerny Brothers FREE SHOW TONIGHT & FREE T-SHIRT/Open Mike Eagle/ Los Pinguos + Upcoming Shows!

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weekly picks


Tuesday, May 5th & Wednesday, May 6

The Bad Plus are a collective Jazz trio who combine instrumental Pop, Rock & Avant Garde, appealing to both traditional and mainstream audiences and putting them on the forefront of a new musical movement. 

For Dinner reservations, please email 

Tuesday, 5/5/: Tickets $25-30/ 9PM/ 21+
Wednesday, 5/6: Tickets $25-30/ 9PM/ All Ages


Tuesday, April 29th

The Bluegrass Situation Presents the The Cerny Brothers. The 4-piece Americana Rock band is back for the third night of their residency along with Rhythmic Folk-Pop Duo Jim & Sam and poetic finger-picking guitar man Eddie Berman.



Thursday, May 2nd

Art Rapper Open Mike Eagle is set to release his new album Dark Comedy on 6/10/2014 via Mello Music Group, but you can hear it here first during his LIVE LISTENING PARTY. with support from comedic rapper Zach Serwin and the sensual soul sounds of J. Mitchell. LA WEEKLY covered his performance here from January, so you can get a little idea of what you are in for! 

Tickets $8-16/ 9PM/ 18+


Saturday, May 3rd

Los Pinguos hail from Buenos Aires, Argentina and mix latin rhythms with Spanish guitars to create an infectious Latin sound. Along with performences from San Francisco’s Gyspy Jazz band Diego’s Umbrella and young Jazz bassist/bandleader Michael Feinberg, this show is sure to spice up your Saturday night! 

Tickets $12-15/ 8PM/ 21+

Keep an eye open for MORE UPCOMING SHOWS including New Orleans Rock & Rollers The Revivalists, the 8-piece entourage New Orleans Jazz Funk musicians The Soul Rebels, and Louis Prima Jr.-bringing Prima music back into the 21st century! 



Camille Ashley’s Weekly Picks: Nerd Nite/ Fishtank Ensemble/ Youngblood Brass Band

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weekly picks

Tuesday, 4/22: Nerd Nite

Tickets $10/ 7:45PM/ 21+

Get nerdy, flirty, dirty and most of all, get educated while you get tipsy! Enjoy fine food, delicious drinks and discover fun facts at Nerd Nite. This Tuesday night  Features Presentations from Igor Pak (Geometry of Mechanisms: From Trains to Modern Computers), Anu Goel (Can Brain Cells in a Petri Dish learn to tell time?) & Paul Barone (The Birth of Amateur Photography 1880-1930). Speakers are brought to you by The Society of Postdoctoral Scholars, UCLA.

Friday, 4/25: Fishtank Ensemble/ London Shover/ Michael Riah/ We The Folk/ Berel Alexander

Tickets $12 Adv./ $15 Day of show/ 7:45PM/ 21+

Fishtank Ensemble  could have been transported from the 1920’s in a time machine (perhaps in the shape of a mule-drawn caravan)  filled with instruments and landed  in  present day L.A.  in an effort to save the souls of all those who have been subjected  to too much  TECHNO(non-logical) music. Complete with Violins, Trombone, Stand Up Bass, Guitars and more to create the culturally diverse Gypsy/Jazz/Americana sounds that defines them . Lead Singer Ursula sang opera on the streets of Italy before she discovered her love of gypsy music and discovered her Serbian Bass Player, French Violinist and Spanish Guitarist. A truly eclectic arrangement that so clearly depicts the melting pot that is America as well as the uncanny ability to blend styles and sounds of the past into the present, even LA WEEKLY agrees that Gypsy Revivalism is not Washed Up! This show is sure to be something spectacular and in addition, we will be celebrating their CD release Edge of the World. Folk Indie Pop band We The Folk as well as singer-songwriters London Shover, Michael Riah, and Certified Soul-Man Berel Alexander.

Saturday, 4/26: Youngblood Brass Band/ LPMD/ The Senators/ DJ Synapse

Tickets $12 Adv./ $15 Day of show/ 9PM/ 21+

Youngblood Brass Band is a ten-member ensemble of New Orleans Brass musicians that mix it up with Hip-Hop, Punk and Jazz stylings that will make you dance like you mean it…and probably until you drop (or until they stop playing, whichever comes first). I definitely encourage one and all to come out, grab a whiskey and get your foxtrot on with YBB, the Indie-Folk fellows of  The Senators and DJ Synapse-who spins everything from Funk & Soul to Electro and Rock & Roll, all for your entertainment.


Camille Ashley’s Weekly Picks: Scott Pemberton Tonight!/ A Tribe Called Red/ Vetical Scratchcers/ The Cerny Brothers perform Weezer’s Blue album (next week)!

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Tuesday, 4/8 7:30PM: Scott Pemberton Trio / The Grahams / Traci & Darren / The Velopheliacs/ Tickets $12/ 21+

“If you love rock & roll, if you love music in general…if you feel music, you will feel it here’…Scott Pemberton is a multi-genre guitar master from Portland whose music touches on everything from Roots and Americana to Rock and Funk. He is a non-traditional virtuoso who has managed to successfully support himself independently without label assistance. Find out more about Pemberton by watching this YouTube video-or better yet, catch his show tonight and see just what he can do!


Wednesday, 4/9 10PM: A Tribe Called Red / World Hood / Quese IMC/ Tickets $13 Adv./ 21+

A Tribe Called Red just might be one of  the biggest shows of the week, catering to Native urban culture and showcasing aboriginal DJ talent, the Tribe, which includes Canadian DMC champ DJ Shub, puts on a monthly Electric Pow Wow that mashes up electronic and club music with hip-hop, dance hall and pow-wow to create their own unique blend. If you are ever in Canada, you can catch ATCR the second Saturday of every month at Babylon Nightclub in Ottawa…but if your in Los Angeles, you can catch them here Wednesday night.

Thursday, 4/10 9PM: Mike Posner: UNPLUGGED Exclusive Tour/ SOLD OUT!/ 21+

Saturday, 4/12 7:30PM: Vertical Scratchers / Monster Rally (Early Show)/ Tickets $8 over 21, $12 under 21

Vertical Scratchers consists of  John Schmersal (ex-Brainiac/Enon, live Caribou, and Crooks on Tape) and Christian Beaulieu (ex-Triclops!/Anywhere) and was formed in 2012 in Los Angeles. The percussive nature in which the guitars are played and recorded is the most persistent element of the music-that and the fact that most of the guitar strums are louder than the amps and that almost every song  is under 2-minutes, which helps create a sense of urgency and raw energy without using volume and distortion while still managing to go in twice as many directions as your average song-this has been referred to as ‘Pop Deception’ and compared to The Kinks w/ the brevity of Buzzcocks.

check out this Merge Records video for a lesson in Vertical Scratchers:

Tuesday, 4/15 8PM: FREE SHOW! The Cerny Brothers play Weezer’s Blue Album / Act As If / Sam Outlaw/ 21+

The Bluegrass Situation is back…and so are The Cerny Brothers, who will be bringing back The Blue Album by Weezer in it’s entirety! The best part is…It’s FREE, so come out and support the bluest bluegrass situation ever!