Camille Ashley’s Weekly Picks: Nerd Nite/ Fishtank Ensemble/ Youngblood Brass Band

weekly picks

Tuesday, 4/22: Nerd Nite

Tickets $10/ 7:45PM/ 21+

Get nerdy, flirty, dirty and most of all, get educated while you get tipsy! Enjoy fine food, delicious drinks and discover fun facts at Nerd Nite. This Tuesday night  Features Presentations from Igor Pak (Geometry of Mechanisms: From Trains to Modern Computers), Anu Goel (Can Brain Cells in a Petri Dish learn to tell time?) & Paul Barone (The Birth of Amateur Photography 1880-1930). Speakers are brought to you by The Society of Postdoctoral Scholars, UCLA.

Friday, 4/25: Fishtank Ensemble/ London Shover/ Michael Riah/ We The Folk/ Berel Alexander

Tickets $12 Adv./ $15 Day of show/ 7:45PM/ 21+

Fishtank Ensemble  could have been transported from the 1920’s in a time machine (perhaps in the shape of a mule-drawn caravan)  filled with instruments and landed  in  present day L.A.  in an effort to save the souls of all those who have been subjected  to too much  TECHNO(non-logical) music. Complete with Violins, Trombone, Stand Up Bass, Guitars and more to create the culturally diverse Gypsy/Jazz/Americana sounds that defines them . Lead Singer Ursula sang opera on the streets of Italy before she discovered her love of gypsy music and discovered her Serbian Bass Player, French Violinist and Spanish Guitarist. A truly eclectic arrangement that so clearly depicts the melting pot that is America as well as the uncanny ability to blend styles and sounds of the past into the present, even LA WEEKLY agrees that Gypsy Revivalism is not Washed Up! This show is sure to be something spectacular and in addition, we will be celebrating their CD release Edge of the World. Folk Indie Pop band We The Folk as well as singer-songwriters London Shover, Michael Riah, and Certified Soul-Man Berel Alexander.

Saturday, 4/26: Youngblood Brass Band/ LPMD/ The Senators/ DJ Synapse

Tickets $12 Adv./ $15 Day of show/ 9PM/ 21+

Youngblood Brass Band is a ten-member ensemble of New Orleans Brass musicians that mix it up with Hip-Hop, Punk and Jazz stylings that will make you dance like you mean it…and probably until you drop (or until they stop playing, whichever comes first). I definitely encourage one and all to come out, grab a whiskey and get your foxtrot on with YBB, the Indie-Folk fellows of  The Senators and DJ Synapse-who spins everything from Funk & Soul to Electro and Rock & Roll, all for your entertainment.



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