Nerd Nite!

MAY 20 Presenters:

Tickets $10/ 7:30PM/ 21+

Come out, have a few drinks and educate your mind while you take in presentations from some of LA’s finest minds while they speak on topics ranging from math in sports to computer intelligence and even Dinosaurs! 

Mathletics: The rise of statisticians into the starting lineup in pro sports
by Craig Tabita 

Advanced statistical analysis has revolutionized the sport of baseball and elevated nerds to unprecedented status in the world of athletics — and now this transformation is happening in virtually every other sport as well. We’ll discuss how new analysis in sports from ice hockey to basketball to soccer is changing the way the game is played thanks to the power of math, and what all this means for us, the fans. Bio: Craig Tabita is a software engineer in Santa Monica who also spends an abnormal amount of time following, playing, and analyzing the sport of hockey. He has degrees in economics and chemistry from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Deep Learning: The Parsimonious Problem Parsing Paradigm
by David Relyea 

Neural networks have been around for decades, but until recently, their results had been difficult to understand and limited by computational power and design choices. Modern “deep learning” and sparsity techniques have paved the way for computers to break down and understand problems in entirely new ways which add both performance and interpretability. We demonstrate these techniques on both imagery and language models and explain how these networks are paving the way for a vastly improved understanding of the world by computers. Bio: In 1997, a highly decorated high school musician applied to the wrong school and ended up in a physics PhD program. He promptly graduated and moved into the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, he survives as a scientist of fortune. If you need an analyst – if no one else can help – and if you can find him – maybe you can hire: David Relyea. (BS Caltech, PhD Princeton, current employed at Arete Associates)

“That’s not a @&$#ing dinosaur!” : Misconceptions about Paleontology
by Trevor Valle Ross Gellar. 

Jurassic Park. Dinobots. Barney. Pop culture has this on again/off again love affair with the reality of paleontology, but refuses to take it out to dinner and really listen. Let’s get them talking (and drinking)! Bio: Trevor Valle has looked for old, dead things in some really screwed up places… from artichoke fields in northern California, to the permafrost and tundra of north-eastern Siberia. Formerly the Assistant Lab Supervisor of the Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pits, he can now be found making sure construction crews don’t accidentally dig up mammoths, or occasionally on TV talking about dead stuff.


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