Motown-style Music History Made!

History was made here last night as popular music from the past emerged in the present-giving rise to a nostalgic sound that, though may be an influence among many artists today, could rarely-if ever- be duplicated. The girls of  Honey Cone-the all-female American R&B/Soul group formed by lead singer Edna Wright (younger sister of Darlene Love -the singer/actress who is a Motown favorite as a member of The Crystals, Bob B. Soxx & The Blue Jeans and The Blossoms) are back…but they aren’t girls anymore. They are full grown women now, each as beautiful as ever and just as full of that sweet soul sound!

“Innocent ‘Til Proven Guilty”

Sweet Replies Album Cover

PicMonkey Collage

Edna Wright, Carolyn Willis, Shelly Clark & Myself last night

The female icons immediately broke into “Girls It Ain’t Easy” upon entering the stage, dressed to the nines I might add and continued with a set-list so fulfilling that I’m almost certain my heart grew a few sizes and, from the reaction of the rest of the audience, I am pretty sure everyone else in attendance felt the same way. Much to my pleasure, the ladies continued on with their set  for well over an hour with full force and incredibly radiant energy during songs such as “While Your Out Looking For Sugar” , “The Day I Found Myself” and, of course, “Son Of A Preacher Man”-glowing the way that only ladies do!  Their set was concluded with Earth, Wind & Fire’s (whose bassist, Verdine White was  in attendance as the husband of Shelly Clark) “September” which even furthered the excitement of all the classic R&B and Soul enthusiasts-which included Motown cohorts such as Betty Kelly (Martha And The Vandellas & The Velvettes) whose incredible support and energy did not go unnoticed by those around her and was truly heartwarming.


Martha & The Vandellas


Myself & Betty Kelly of Martha & The Vandellas

KBH Entertainment  did a bang-up job of organizing such a showcase, which also included the talents of Mike Bauer & his extremely talented band of musicians, who ended their set with one of the most incredible mash-ups I have ever heard from a magical year in music-1971:

(“Just My Imagination”-The Temptations, “Ain’t No Sunshine”-Bill withers, “What’s Goin On”-Marvin Gaye, “Tired Of Being Alone”-Al Green & “Proud Mary”-CCR)

PicMonkey Collage

Mike Bauer Belting it out with The Doo-Wop Girls & Bonita (Photos Compliments of Liz Reinhardt).

It was truly a night to remember and on behalf of The Mint I’d like to thank KBH Entertainment, Honey Cone, Mike Bauer, Romeo Testa & Earth At Night for making it so memorable as well as everyone who came out and had a good time, we cannot wait to see you all again!










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