The Return of The Dustbowl Revival & Co.

Photo: The Mint LA. Liz's Birthday party. (((Friday)))

Last night was one for the books here at The Mint featuring an vast array of some of the finest talent to be seen in Los Angeles on a Friday night. Former Black Crowes guitarist Marc Ford and American Roots Musician Moot Davis-whose album Goin’ In Hot is set to be released April 15th of this year-opened the evening followed by the Folk N’ Soul sounds of The Street Hearts and the Psychedelic Desert Folk of decker. -who have a new EP titled Patsy to be released July of this year.
The grand finale came shortly after The Dustbowl Revival clan stepped up to the stage and, being that there are nine members in the band, it took a few extra minutes for the musicians to get set up on stage, but it was well worth the wait and gave the audience something to get excited about!

The Venice Beach based Jazz/Bluegrass/Swing band are a collective clan of musicians who were voted Best Live Band by LA WEEKLY and they sure know how to live up to that reputation using their combined energies and all of their instruments, which include Gypsy Guitar, Drums, Fiddle, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Mandolin, Washboard, Guitar, Kazoo, Harmonica, Tuba, Stand up Bass & (of course) Vocals.
The Show also Served as a celebration for female Dustbowl Revival Vocalist/Producer/Actress Liz Beebe-where friends of the birthday girl brought her some of The Mint’s delicious Garlic Parsley Fries with a candle placed in the center while the rest of the band lead the audience in ‘Happy Birthday to you’:

To all of those who were here celebrating with us, Thank you & to those of you who missed it-there’s always more music to come!


~ by themintla on March 16, 2014.

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