Camille Ashley’s Weekly Picks!

weekly picks

Get cultured with us this week with a  wide variety of entertainment from music and comedy to the revival of the literary salon:

Wednesday, March 5: Women Of Letters Presents: People Of Letters /

A Literary Salon

Tickets $20/Doors open at 8pm, Show starts at 8:30pm/21+


Musician, DJ and photographer MOBY
Comedian and actor TIM MINCHIN
Model and writer MELISSA STETTEN
Actor, director and star of How I Met Your Mother JOSH RADNOR
Star of 24 and The Sopranos PAUL SCHULZE
Author and Emmy-Award winning writer MERRILL MARKOE
And comedian and host of The Duncan Trussell Family Hour DUNCAN TRUSSELLAll writing and reading: ‘A letter to the thing I wish I’d written.’

Seating is limited:Dinner reservations please or 323-954-9400 

Minimum of “1 food item” or “two drinks per person”.This is in addition to the cost of tickets.

Saturday, March 8: Ben Taylor/Suzanna Choffel/

Beautiful Things Unplugged

Tickets: $15 Advance/ $18 Day of show/ Doors open at 8:30pm, Show starts at 8:45pm/21+
As the son of James Taylor & Carly Simon-it only seems natural that Ben Taylor would be drawn to the family business-
 “My scholastic career was not successful. My attention wanders, and I like to follow it. It’s a creatively lucrative process for me. My internal jukebox was always so much louder than my teachers”-says Ben, who spent the four years preceding his 2012 release Listening’ doing just that-listening…and thinking. Listening, flawlessly fuses the sounds and styles of folk, pop, soul, urban, reggae and country and is-according to Ben , “an evolution. Some songs were actually recorded four years ago, some were recorded a few months ago, and a few recorded a few weeks ago just in time to make it. This album runs the gamut from both the production style and the period of my life in which they were recorded. These songs are little windows into the last four years of my life.” Ben took his time recording this album-refusing to limit his creativity with deadlines.

Sunday, March 9: Dub FX

Tickets: $15 Over 21/ $20 Under 21/ Doors open at 10:30pm, Show starts at 11pm

Dub FX is a Looping/Dub-Step artist who hit the streets to play music and has become an independent sensation by having his friend film him performing-which went viral after being uploaded to Youtube and has since given Dub FX the opportunity to reach a larger audience by touring more extensively.

Check out our Calendar for more great shows!


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