The Wonderful Carolyn Wonderland

Carolyn Wonderland enchanted an enthusiastic audience last night   with her Texas blues style that was anything but traditional-seeing as you only stumble upon  a set of pipes such as hers once in a blue moon, and indeed the blues emerged in full force out of Wonderlands Moon Goes Missing and hung heavy for a stellar session that included Cole El-Saleh on Keys and Rob Hooper on Drums. Given that she seems to naturally channel the powerful vocal force of Janis Joplin-Miss Wonderland included a cover of What Good Can Drinkin’ Do, shortly after she and the band indulged in shots of (tequila?) that had been provided for them by some eager and enthralled spectators-bringing even more heat to a performance that was already on fire.


To add even more excitement, Carolyn Wonderland and her band were joined on stage by Ty Taylor & Nalle Colt of LA’s soulful r& blues band Vintage Trouble-who were opening for The Who during this time last year-for a few songs, including Ray Charles’s Lets Go Get Stoned. 


As if the night wasn’t musically exhilarating enough, the cherry on top was tucked in a booth table -that cherry being The Stooges guitarist -James Williamson, who was enjoying the show with family/friends-most likely after a long day at this years NAMM Show!


Some words of  and wisdom from Carolyn Wonderland: ” Take a chance on an unknown band”.


~ by themintla on January 25, 2014.

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