Jonathan Richman The Enigma-Live @ The Mint!

Rarely am I granted the opportunity to utilize the word Enigma-but after last night, I must say JONATHAN RICHMAN IS AN ENIGMA!


Richman is best known as the founding member of 1970’s protopunk band The Modern Lovers-who were heavily influenced by bands like The Velvet Underground. His music has been covered by fellow musicians such as David Bowie, Iggy Pop & John Cale-all of whom have performed Richman’s “Pable Picasso” as well as The Sex Pistols, who covered “Roadrunner” on The Great Rock & Roll Swindle-a song ranked #269 on Rolling Stones 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time which  was described by Music Critic Greil Marcus as  “the most obvious song in the world, and the strangest” and has also been noted as being Sex Pistols vocalist Johnny Rotten’s favorite song-despite his claim that he ‘hates all music’!

Richman has also contributed music for (and made cameo appearances in) the Farrelly Brothers films There’s Something About Mary ( the film with the infamous ‘hair gel giz’ scene with Cameron Diaz and Ben Stiller released in 1998) and Kingpin (A slapstick must-see released in 1996 and starring Woody Harrelson and Bill Murray).

For the first of their four performances this week at The Mint, Jonathan Richman set the stage with long-time musical companion Tommy Larkins at his side on drums and opened with some sweet yet saucy Spanish style guitar songs-including “Let Her Go Into Darkness”-during which he improvises-adding additional lyrics in that spoken-singing style of his …’that’s why she prefers her druggie boyfriend with his leather jacket…smells like leather, not like her father and sulfur…’

After this he quickly changes pace to sing a song about one of his favorite musicians…Keith Richards, at which time he admitted in song- “I don’t play like Keith Richards, I don’t move like Keith Richards…Keith Richards, no one plays guitar like you….”

I was Dancing In The Lesbian Bar”-during which he held the audience in the palm of his hand and had them clapping along for minutes at a time while he demonstrated exactly how he danced in the lesbian bar by thrusting his pelvis, gyrating his hips and rolling his hands like you’ve never seen!

He continued on with “Bohemia”, “The Honeymoon Is Over”,” I took A Chance On Her” & “When We Refuse To Suffer”-to name a few cleverly combining candid comedy with clear and present passion for music and throwing in words to the wise in between…”No matter how different we are, I think we all have one thing in common-we all fuck up…what did we come down here for-to make mistakes”.

Needless as it may be to encourage you to come out for at least one of Jonathan Richman’s three performances this weekend which include:

Friday, December 6 (TONIGHT!): Tickets $15

Saturday, December 7: Tickets $15

Sunday, December 8: Tickets $15

I don’t suggest missing such an opportunity to experience The Enigma that is: JONATHAN RICHMAN!

~ by themintla on December 7, 2013.

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