Shawn Mullins @ The Mint 6/19 {w/Alex Woodard/Max Gomez}

I always find my self singing along this Shawn Mullins top 10 hit song “Lullaby”. Chorus “Everything’s gonna be all right..rockabye, rockabye”. His lyrics and originality is something that we all can relate and also remind us on certain moments in our lives.
Shawn’s musical accomplishments include a dozen self-produced records, two number one charting songs, Grammy nomination and thousands of live performances. One of his favorite accomplishments was the decision of the Australian Olympic Team to use his song Shimmer as their anthem.
As he sang  in “Lullaby”
now, she feels safe
in this bar on fairfax
and from the stage I can tell that
she can’t let go and she can’t relax
and just before
she hangs her head to cry
I sing to her a lullaby, I sing

That’s right.. He will sing us Lullaby at THE MINT! It will be a very special night. Now come on down and sing our hearts out!


~ by themintla on May 30, 2009.

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