The Bonedaddys and Papa Grows Funk @ The Mint 04/10

The Bonedaddys and Papa Grows Funk filled the house last night with their respective styles of music!!!! It was a party all night from start to finish.
The Bonedaddys brought with them fans who have followed them for twenty years and some younger ones as well. And, with an eclectic style of jazz-funk-reggae music the band was full of energy and fun that was completely infectious and engaging for the large crowd. Even more, an atmosphere of fun was created with such humorous lyrics as, “I need a personal assistant, losers need not apply.” The band included 7 members and a variety of instruments, including saxophone and cowbell!! The dress of the band was also refreshing—not the usual L.A. black jeans and T-shirts, but dress pants, vests, jackets, funky hats!!! This band provided for great fun, great sound, and amazing harmonies! For more, check them out here,
Next, was Papa Grows Funk, which brought a fun crowd of all sorts of people! With awesome their style of jazz-funk music, bass beats and horn accents, plus an amazing guitar and drum solo there was no stopping the dancing and party atmosphere at the club! For more check them here,

Thanks to both of these amazing and talented bands for a great night of music and we look forward to seeing them again!!!


~ by themintla on April 12, 2009.

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