oops…you just got funked up

Every year new words are officially added to the dictionary, culled from their humble social slang beginnings.

How does our language get padded?  

Shakespeare invented maybe thirty words a manuscript. Shaq coined Bling. And one day when your children and your children’s children ask, you can tell them that you were a proud part of the movement that made Google a verb. 

And who brought in the funk (n.) to funk (v.) and be funky (adj.)? 

That would be Ivan Neville’s DUMSTAPHUNK@ the mint on 2/12/09.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a primary source: Charley Rogulewki. 

“Most people who’ve told me to see Dumpstaphunk share some late-night New Orleans Jazz Festival or Mardi Gras after-after-show memory- — tumbling out of Tipitina’s or the Howlin’ Wolf at 5am drenched in sweat after dancing for hours. Perhaps what Dumpstaphunk do best is build the funk up so much you don’t want it to stop.”


Now get the funk over here to read more: http://mog.com/Charley_Rogulewski/blog/1231087.


~ by themintla on February 25, 2009.

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