THE SOUL OF JOHN BLACK — Saturday Jan 17 2009

Is It somewhere sloshing around in the empty space of your head? Or is It in your chest, guarded by rigid regiments of ribs?

Once I looked for It under my bed. I found my little pink pony with the purple tail and a rainbow on its hindquarter. The boxcar children were folded over, paused in the middle of one of their adventures. I thought my running shoes had made a break for it after my first track practice, but no. They were located, the boxcar children helped me find them, and I was finally able to take down the BOLO in my kitchen for the missing Asics. However joyous that reunion was, I also became certain that It was not a citizen of the United Stuff of Underbed.

Do you know where your soul is? 

I can’t give you the answer to that one I’m sorry. I can tell you where to find The Soul of John Black and how! Come to The Mint on Jan 17 to see it, hear it, revel in it live.

How often can we be witness to sanctified harmonies, the essence of a Memphis soul? The text of ourselves is the hardest work to translate in the entire liturgy of life, the music of John Black is his Rosetta Stone. Come to eat, to dance, to find some fun and leave with your thoughts running to the rhythm of life all night long.

Advanced Enlightenment Here. 

(I have lost my shoes again. If your thoughts are wearing size 8, please describe them below. Thanks much.)


~ by themintla on December 31, 2008.

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