Marcia Ball @ The Mint 10.03.08 w/ Critical Brass and The Boogaloo Assassins

There isn’t much artistry in the sounds of heavy traffic until you listen to Marcia Ball. With her in mind, changing lanes is not the symptom for a heavy sigh and groan but rather the greatest excuse for a long stringy riff on an electric guitar. Blares of less informed automobiles are not punctuated obscenities but saucy bellows of saxophone panache. For those moments you’re relinquished from the chains of brake lights and are able to accelerate in miles of freedom, her voice and keyboard will kick you into overdrive and carry you under the city lights like you were maneuvering four feet instead of four wheels. When you finally arrive at your destination, no matter where it is you are going to, you feel like you’ve just been in the greatest dance hall in the south. So exit here, at the Mint on October 3rd, and release your feet from the bondage of pedal pushin’ and let them drive their own dance with Marcia Ball,  Critical Brass and The Boogaloo Assassins

Buy Tickets Here.

Your dancing shoes thank you for a well deserved night out. 


~ by themintla on September 28, 2008.

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